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San Francisco is unique due to its’ architecture. Streets arranged in perfect net appear quite unreal.

This is exactly the city, where you can find this layout with streets named: 1st Street, 2nd Street and so on. This makes driving around the city really easy.

San Francisco, affectionately called Cisco is located on the hills, which makes it even easier to move around and see the whole city.

Single-family house makes the most of the city’s architecture. Victorian style houses are very characteristic for San Francisco.

The most famous group of such houses is located at Alamo Square. Colourful tenements are called Painted Ladies. In this exact spot, Mrs Doubtfire with Robin Williams was shot.

Financial District, on the other hand, looks nothing like the rest of San Francisco. This is the San Francisco business centre, where the headquarters of large corporations and banks are located.

The buildings here are so high and dense that the spaces between the buildings are even darkened during the day. You will also find here the most famous and the most luxurious hotels, fashion houses or boutiques of designers.

A familiar street in Cisco is Lombard Street. It stretches horizontally through several districts of the city from The Presidio to Coit Tower. It is known as the most crooked street in the world. This is all due to the section, which is extremely sloping.

Residents of this part of the street had problems with access to their possessions, due to the large slope of the road. Finally, in 1923, a serpentine was built here, which consists of eight corners. It is a very often visited “attraction” of the city, which often requires waiting in line to get there.

It’s hard to imagine the feelings of the residents 🙂

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