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We do not know about you, but we assume that there is nothing better in the autumn / winter season than comfortable clothes, good wine (eagerly mulled) and an addictive TV series. When the days become much shorter and the weather does not encourage you to go outside, it’s nice to cover yourself with a blanket and turn on your favourite series. From our point of view, they have the great advantage of being divided into episodes. When it’s midweek and we do not have time to watch a full-length movie, the series works perfectly. On weekends, however, nothing prevents you from watching two or any other number of episodes!

Here we present you our subjective list of TV series for autumn and winter evenings! Be sure to let us know what your suggestions are. We are constantly looking for new programs to watch 🙂

Sharp Objects

sway the way sharp

The series that made a huge impression on us. Extremely disturbing and even more addictive. We’ve been waiting impatiently for the next episodes, and every ‘screening’ was simply a sacred one.

• What is the plot?
Journalist Camille Preaker, struggling with a difficult past, returns to her hometown to write an article about the murder of two girls.

• Where to watch?
The series that is a loose adaptation of the book by Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl) you can watch at HBO GO.

• What to expect?
Amy Adams as the leading actress and brilliant Patricia Clarkson as her mother. Great music. And a surprising ending!


sway the way sinner

The Sinner is a series that no one close to us mentioned, and we stumbled upon it by accident. It surprised us and deserves to be watched by more people. Interestingly, when writing this post, we learned that on August 1, the broadcast of the 2nd season of the series began in the US. Nothing could improve our mood better and now wait until it is available in Poland!

• What is the plot?
Cora Tannetti one day unexpectedly, publicly hurts a guy who dies on the beach in public. The woman can not tell why she did it and admits to the murder. The investigating detective tries to explain the matter by discovering an increasingly troubling past.

• Where to watch?
The first season was available in Poland on Canal +. We are waiting for information where season 2 will be available.

• What to expect?
Beautiful Jessica Biel in the lead role. The thrill of emotion. Family entanglements.


sway the way vikings

4 great seasons of the Vikings series are behind us. We are currently in the middle of the season number 5, and the emission of the second half of the 20 episodes is coming soon, because on November 28. While we’re not big fans of historical programmes, we got sucked in. Mainly because of the extremely handsome and charismatic Ragnar Lothbrok.

• What is the plot?
The young Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok is a visionary. He wishes that the voyages would take place not only to the east but also to the west. His exceptional leadership and strategic abilities that lead to many victories, Ragnar passes on to his sons.

• Where to watch?
Vikings you can watch on Netflix.

• What to expect?
Handsome Vikings, brave women, a lot of violence and blood. Nordic tradition and pagan gods.

True Detective

sway the way true detective

Two seasons are behind us. We are waiting for the third, which premiere is scheduled for January 14, 2019. In our opinion, the first season was outstanding. Matthew McConaughey with Woody Harrelson created a unique bond. Top-level acting and macabre murder. The series keeps you in suspense, and every episode ends too soon.

• What is the plot?
Two seasons and two completely different stories and casts. What connects them? Detectives, murder and strange circumstances.

• Where to watch?
True Detective is available on HBO GO.

• What to expect?
In season 1 we have Matthew McConaughey and Woodie Harrelson, in season 2 Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. The cast, as you see, is concrete. Emotions while watching are up, and intrigue does not end.

The border

sway the way wataha

A great Polish TV series. Intricate history, bomb attack, border guards in the Bieszczady Mountains. Another crime series that we had to watch. Though not often we decide to watch a Polish production, in this case, we had no doubts whether it is worth our time.

• What is the plot?
The series begins with a bomb attack in which Border Guards from a unit in Bieszczady die. Only one of them survives – Captain SG Wiktor Rebrow. Rebrow loses not only his friends but also his beloved woman. And so, he’s trying to find out what happened and who is behind it.

• Where to watch?
You can watch The border on HBO GO.

• What to expect?
Tangled history, beautiful views and good acting. Leszek Lichota in the lead role, as well as Aleksandra Popławska and Andrzej Zieliński.

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