3 great restaurants for breakfast in Bucharest

We do not want to sound overconfident, but we are convinced that you do not want to spend time away looking for a decent restaurant serving breakfast. While the research of cool spots for dinners can be very pleasant, the breakfasts are a bit different. And yet they say it is the most important meal of the day. Do not worry, we are here to help you – we’ve prepared a breakfast guide from Bucharest! Here they are, 3 great places for breakfast in the capital of Romania!


M60 is a cool place with a slightly Berlin vibes. The modern design of this place suits the atmosphere – loose and friendly. This is one of the places where you can work, meet friends or come for a morning coffee. Coffee indeed is delicious! (cappuccino – RON 12 ; espresso – RON 8)

What can you eat? You can choose from a large selection of sandwiches, for example with avocado (RON 27), salmon or halloumi. You can also opt for wraps (with hummus – RON 25) or quiche. If you want to be extremely healthy, choose a salad.

And if you can not imagine a breakfast without an egg, in M60 you will get them in various forms – scrambled (with bacon – RON 26), fried, with halloumi or prosciutto.

If you are a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed – you choose homemade cakes (cheesecake – RON 20) or granola with yoghurt (RON 17). Come to M60 in the afternoon, and drink, for example, local beer or wine!

Fellow one

We must admit that we came here by accident. After taking a look at the nearby restaurants, we aimed for a different place, which turned out to be closed. Fortunately! Because Fellow one is a very cosy cafe with filling and tasty breakfasts and… cute husky!

Coffee in the morning is very important, fortunately in Fellow one tastes amazing (cappuccino – RON 14). As for this breakfast, they are mainly with eggs. Be it scrambled (RON 24) or poached (RON 22), always served with interesting sides and good bread. The atmosphere is great either for work or leisure, and the owner’s husky makes your day. Simply great!

French Revolution

Why not break the rule and. eat something sweet for breakfast? French Revolution is a unique place where they make eclairs (RON 16 each). They are open from the morning, so you can easily go for a sweet breakfast. The number of flavours blows your mind, and the first bite brings tears of happiness to your eyes.

Pastry, delicious cream and topping – nothing more is needed. Of course, you can also count on excellent coffee or tea. French Revolution is a very well known place in Bucharest, so it would be a shame not to come here.

And what about you, what do you like to eat for breakfast? Do you prefer to eat at home or out? Let us know in the comments, and when you go to Bucharest, use our guide!

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