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We have always wanted to visit Sicily. For us for some reasons, it seemed a separate place though it is so close to Calabria. Location we were staying in made it so easy to take a road trip so we couldn’t miss that opportunity.

While planning it was clear to us that Etna must be a focal point of our trip to Sicily. We decided to use services of Etna Experience. They were super helpful and communicative and were able to book us in for the next day. We had to get to their office in Catania at noon and then set off to Etna.

But first things first! We woke up at 4 am in Capo Vaticano to reach Villa San Giovanni and make 8 o’clock ferry to Messina. It was quite expensive, as the ticket cost €50. It would be bearable if it was both ways but to surprise it turned out to be one way. Coming back it was quite a challenge for us to buya ​ new ticket and make it to board the ferry. Anyway, after getting to Messina our Sicilian​ adventure has begun​.


Then we arrived to Catania. We got to Etna Experience and meet our guide Marco, who turned out to be extremely nice and thoughtful. He advised us to borrow trekking shoes and warm polar jackets from them and so we did. Going up by car towards Etna was quite an experience. He talked loads about Etna’s eruptions, build and area.

View from top of Etna mountain was incredible. It may sound strange but you can feel the power of the volcano. That day visibility was quite good so we could see all the surroundings.

Exploring the lava cave was also very interesting and worth risking hitting one’s head with sharp rock 😉

At the end of our trip Marco delighted us with italian lunch with local wine tasting. He served us with wine that is made from grapes grown on slopes of Etna. It tasted very different as the soil is richly mineralized.


After that we came back to Catania. Central part of the city is Piazza del Duomo with dell’Elefante fountain, Badìa di Sant’Agata and Via Etnea avenue.

At the other side of Via Vittorio Emanuele II you will find Sant’Agata church from where you can reach the roof with amazing view.


From Catania we went straight to Messina where we spend the evening. The central point of the city is the cathedral square with astronomical clock. This place is honestly incredible! When in Messina you need to take an evening walk around the city.

After visiting all the most important places it was time to come back to Capo Vaticano.

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