Chinatown and Japantown | San Francisco guide

San Francisco is one of the most liberal cities in the US. You will probably find here all the nationalities of the world and the largest in the States LGBT movement.

You can feel great tolerance here on the streets. Nothing surprises anyone, regardless of whether someone is tattooed or has a blue mohawk. Everyone is friendly towards others, they talk, they smile. This is a fantastic difference compared to some places in Poland ­čÖé

Large communities are concentrated in specific places, which results in the creation of the towns in the city. The Asian groups are definitely leading here by creating Chinatown, Japantown and Koreatown. The biggest and most interesting center is definitely Chinatown, where we managed to spend a few hours.

Chinatown is quite large and it is worth spending a few hours walking around. You will find here a huge number of pubs, shops and service outlets.

We were welcomed by a concert of a Chinese singer, after which we went to a nearby restaurant. Hungry, we ordered a two-course dinner in different configurations.

The dishes turned out to be so rich that we could not eat even the half. Everything was fresh and delicious, and very cheap. Most of the restaurants in Chinatown looked decent and enjoyed great popularity. You can go for a solid dinner here!

Japantown is definitely less impressive. In addition, we had a small problem finding this place. In the end, it is basically one, a short avenue with several shops and restaurants.

We were after lunch, so we did not get any food. However, Sushi and Ramen House looked fine, except that it was empty.

Be sure to let us know if you can try something in this place!

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