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When thinking of Malta we imagined only one island south of Italy. Looking closer at the map though, it turned out to be more than that. Close to Malta, there is smaller Gozo and itty bitty Comino.

Hearing about all the Gozo’s amazingness, we decided to spend there the whole day. And it was all worth it! We woke up really early and queued in the line for Gozo ferry. The line was about one km long but all the cars managed to fit in.

This journey was not short of adventures. As we didn’t eat any breakfast at home, I asked Przemek to buy us some coffees and pastries, while I looked for a bathroom. When I came back, there was neither Przemek nor breakfast. It turned out he didn’t feel so well and run outside and clenched to the barriers… 😉

Mgarr, Xawkija & Xaghra

Gozo is simply outstanding. We regretted having only one day here. Our trip started with small towns – Mgarr, Xawkija, Xaghra. In the last one, you’ll find prehistoric temples Ggantija, toys museum and beautifully restored windmill from 1975.

Ramla Bay

What is very precious in Gozo, is the nature. All those incredible hills, cliffs and wide beaches are truly impressive and lure many tourists. We arrived at Ramla Bay to walk through the golden beach and climb up to Ta’ Venuta. From here the view was pretty special.

After the hike we were starving so we picked Il-Kartel as our lunch spot and devoured some seafood and local rabbit. Read more here, as this restaurant is one of the best! 🙂

Azure Window

Later we were ready to see west part of the island. The biggest attraction of Gozo and Malta in general used to be Azure Window. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to see it as it collapsed last year. A local guy told us that this spot has a bad luck and that number of people die here each year due to strong waves that surprise tourist and drag them to the sea. Waves were very high indeed so we quite carefully admired the sunset.

Watch our Gozo vlog:

Co w zimę zobaczyć na MALCIE? | Płyniemy na GOZO | vlog

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