The most Instagramable spots in Bucharest

‘The most Instagramable places in’… becomes the series. This time we show you the most photogenic places in Bucharest!

Cărturești Carusel 

Incredible bookstore located in the Old Town. The building in which it is located a few years ago was in ruins, but now it is one of the most beautiful and Instagramable sites in Bucharest.

Old Town

The charming streets of the Old Town are the perfect place for photos. You will find sceneries like both in aris and Berlin! In the Old Town, you will also stumble upon charming streets with umbrellas. Perfect for Instagram!

Stavropoleos Monastery

A small and one of the most beautiful monasteries located in the old town. It is still inhabited by monks, and on its square, we can find elements of other Orthodox churches and buildings destroyed during communism.

Psajul Macca Vilacrosse

The unique passage of Pasajul Macca Vilacrosse is a very photogenic place and a bit like the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. In addition to the visual aspects, you can also appreciate the atmosphere of this place – perfect for an afternoon coffee or shisha.

Arc de Triomphe

It is very difficult to take a photo with you without cars in the background because it is located at one of the most frequented roundabouts. If you manage – bravo, if not – a picture can still be great.

Where would you like to take a picture? Let us know in the comments!

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