Lithuania – what to see apart from Vilnius​? Dusia lake and Trakai!

Are you going to Lithuania? You probably want to see something more than Vilnius. No wonder, the Lithuanian landscape can be beautiful, lush green (as long as you are travelling in the spring or summer season) and bathed in the setting sun.

Dusia Lake

There is no shortage of lakes in Lithuania, and their great advantage is extremely clean water. One of them is Lake Dusia located near the Polish-Lithuanian border. This amazingly picturesque lake is ideal for a few hours of rest or even a few days of camping. You can easily rent some equipment such as kayaks, boats or windsurfings here.

At lake Dusia here is also such a beautiful beach.

Not only is it with the golden sand, with the water that has a “Maldivian” colour, but there are also many different, let’s call them, photo accessories. There is a swing in the water, there is a Viking boat, there are other boats, as well as a turquoise cabin and a bridge. A few hours in such a place bring lots of joy!


While visiting Vilnius it is also worth coming to nearby Trakai. Trakai lies on a peninsula surrounded by the waters of three lakes: Galvė, Totoriškių and Lukos.

Trakai Castle

The city is famous for the legendary castle on the island, which was once the cradle of Lithuanian statehood.

Although there are some archaeological premises, according to which the history of Trakai goes back to prehistoric times, the origins of the city are connected with the person of Prince Gediminas. The legend says that this one of the most eminent Lithuanian rulers came to this place during the hunt and chose it as his new castle.

Both permanent and temporary exhibitions are open to visitors, and the Castle is currently hosting numerous concerts, festivals and other events. Two long wooden bridges lead to the castle. The first you will reach a small island on Lake Galve called the Karaim, the second you will reach the Castle Island. Admission cost: 8 EUR.


Trakai is a favourite place of rest for Vilnius habitats and the most popular tourist attraction in Lithuania. Not a surprise! In addition to visiting the castle, you can also swim on the lake, walk around and taste the Karaim cuisine and the famous dumplings – kibins. Kibins is a kind of baked dumplings with filling traditionally made from chopped mutton, but you will get them in the vegetarian version with mushrooms or spinach. You can order kibins at the most famous restaurant serving baked dumplings – Senoji Kibininė. We’ve tried them and they were really tasty!


Karaims are one of the oldest Turkish tribes, and they were brought to Trakai in the fourteenth century by the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas the Great, who appreciated the military artistry, diligence and loyalty of these people originating from the Turkish areas and settled them between two castles, along today’s Karaims Street. The Karaims recognize only the Old Testament, and their religion is a branch of Judaism. They live in charming, colourful, wooden houses, traditionally with three windows: one for God, the other for the duke and the third for the household. You can learn about their history and culture while visiting the castle.

Baloon flights

Balloon flights are becoming increasingly popular in the Vilnius and Trakai region. The setting sun, aerial view of the lakes and castle certainly makes a huge impression. Such pleasure costs approx. EUR 120 per person.

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