Momos | Berlin

Chausseestraße 2, 10115 Berlin
+49 160 2688177

4 – 21 EUR



Vegetarian/vegan restaurant

Momos is the first restaurant we went to in Berlin. What made us decide to go there? First of all, a good location, allowing us later to walk to the Brandenburg Gate. Secondly, positive online reviews. Thirdly, affordable prices. And fourthly, the fact that it is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly place. What do they serve at Momos?

To a large extent mainly Nepalese dumplings, steamed or baked. On the spot, we learned that Momos puts emphasis on the good quality of the products from which the dishes are made – they are organic and not genetically modified. All dishes are vegan or vegetarian, and the packaging in which they are served, 100% biodegradable. If anyone would ask me what I think about it – winning threw out!

Menu is simple and tasty. We ordered a large mix of dumplings with two dips, edamame to pick on as an additional source of protein, as well as rooibos and organic, local beer to drink. The dumplings were delicious and surprisingly filling! I liked the ones with pumpkin and chickpeas the most, but Przemek’s favourite was with spinach and sheep’s cheese. Dips: soy-sesame and lemon-mint flavoured perfectly complimented the flavours of Nepali dumplings. Edamame, which we ate for the first time, we enjoyed a lot! In our opinion, this is a place worth recommending for healthy, tasty and filling food rather in the fast food style. We would only add that it’s really inexpensive! We paid EUR 10.9 for a set of 18 dumplings with two dips.

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Great spot with eco friendly vegan and vegetarian restaurant.

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Reviewed by: Julia & Przemyslaw

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