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Chausseestraße 5, 10115 Berlin

+49 30 55213969

5 – 30 EUR

Nithan Thai

Nithan Thai

Asian cuisine

Is it worth trying Asian cuisine in Berlin? Is there a chance that these flavours will be authentic? Water, inner peace, sound, sunrise and golden sun … What’s all this about?

What is the philosophy of Nithan Thai?

As we were able to find out from the waiters, at Nithan Thai the meal is a ritual connecting everyone at the table. You go there not only to eat but to share food, establish dialogue and learn about other cultures. You experience – colours, flavours, textures and cooking techniques using Thai raw materials.

The restaurant was founded in Tel Aviv by Naomi Horowitz, who wanted to bring to the Israeli public the Thai culture of peace and love and the food she was raised on. Her project had to work because her restaurant is also located in Berlin.

Water, inner peace, sound, sunrise and golden sun?

The menu at Nithan Thai is divided thematically. Each group of dishes has its own theme. We find in it:

sunrise – mornings in Asia. Fragrance, freshness, colour are to bring Asian fields to our table.

Sample dishes:

  • Tam ma-la-ko: Green Papaya, Mango, Chukka Chili, Mint, Kaffir lime, Cashew, Akaya Cham sauce. Price: EUR 13  
  • Kokki soup: Thai Udon, Sake Broth, Salmon, Wakame, Shimaji, Coriander, Spring Onion. Price: EUR 9

sunset: gold in the kitchen. Crunch, crispy, full of life.

Sample dishes:  

  • Thai roll: Tuna, Salmon, King Forest Mushroom, ABC Sesame Sauce. Price: EUR 17
  • Golden sum: Sea Bass, 250 pastry, Turmeric, Chili Pepper, Mushroom agadashi. Price: EUR 11

water: pure, flow gives us life. It’s the thing we fight for.

Sample dishes:

  • Sashi sashimi: White fish, Spring scallion, Miso yuzu mandarin. Price: EUR 11  
  • Bakka shrimps: Chinese Shallot, Kokki Yakitori, Carrot, Mint, White Sesame. Price: EUR 17

sound: the melody of the kitchen when the flame touches the metal. Concert of flavours.

Sample dishes:

  • Ajam nea: Beef Fillet, Oper Coconut, Cucumber, Avocado, Kin-Ping Sauce, Foie gras. Price: EUR 25
  • Top talle: Lamb Chop, Hoisin, Barbecue roll, T-T Flam, Coriander. Price: EUR 29

inner peace: serenity, patience. Developing it makes you stronger.

Sample dishes:

  • Thai beef: Long night Stock, Mong Bean, Chives, Zanzi Toast, Morel Artichoke Sauce. Price: EUR 26  
  • 5 am beef salad: Sirloin, Arugula, Scallion, Galangal, Nam Togarashi, Thai Miso stock. Price: EUR 14

How did it taste and is it worth the price?

This is definitely the first time we’ve had such interesting dishes. Combinations of flavours and textures have really moved us into another world and provided previously unknown sensations. Everything was ultra interesting, fresh and very tasty. However, we must admit that despite the fact that the concept of a restaurant is based on sharing dishes, their size is surprisingly small. The portions are the size of appetizers, so if it wasn’t for the dinner, we would be disappointed. Maybe the idea is to order a dozen items from the menu and try the flavours in the company, but for us, the prices in Nithan Thai were too high for such a solution.

How did we get here?

We will surprise you! Not on the recommendation of friends or after reading the reviews online. One evening, walking around the neighbourhood, after a very successful meal at Momos, we were caught by the delicious smells of dishes at Nithan Thai, and their colours and the way they were served made us decide to come back.

Is it worth it?

In our opinion, definitely yes! You will not be full after, but the experience is very special and worth every cent (and it requires a lot of them ?)

Nithan Thai
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Nithan Thai

It’s worth coming here. You will not be full after, but the experience is very special and worth every cent.

Reviewed by: Julia & Przemyslaw

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