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Batsi 84503, Greece
+30 693 984 46034 – 30€

Oti Kalo

Greek restaurant, seafood restaurant

Oti Kalo is a Greek restaurant in Batsi, located near the port in the island of Andros (Cyclades). The restaurant is well located, tables on the terrace allow you to enjoy the view of the sea, and with a little planning or luck – an amazing sunset. Greek cuisine, beloved by many, did not fully convince Przemyslaw. He claimed that if he didn’t like feta, olives or a Greek salad, these were not his flavours. A stay at Andros and the opportunity to try local dishes at many delicious restaurants has changed his mind!
Oti Kalo is famous mainly for one dish – stuffed, grilled squid. I, as a fan of squid without thinking, decided to order this dish. I must admit that perfection in its preparation outdid my wildest expectations and brought me into a state of utter pleasure. The squid was delicately grilled – so much that the wood aroma was noticeable, but it was still soft and melting in my mouth. Stuffing made of local, soft cheese from Andros mixed with herbs and spices, perfectly balanced with the squid flavour. I must admit that it was the best squid I have ever had in my life! I also ordered a Greek salad, of course with a soft cheese from Andros, which I keep enjoying a lot. Przemyslaw chose a salad with oyster mushrooms and another hit – ribeye steak served with sweet potato puree and grilled asparagus. His eyes were shining and his mouth was full of food! I must add that in Oti Kalo, in addition to great food, they also serve very tasty house wine, cheap and perfectly complementing the dishes.

Oti Kalo
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Oti Kalo


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