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Valencia, the third largest city in central-eastern Spain and at the same time the second largest port and high-speed rail, road and air junction in Spain. Definitely less popular than Barcelona, ​​however, guarantees many attractions and, above all, authenticity. Thanks to the budget flight connections, the trip to Valencia became an affordable option, and the presence of numerous monuments, exceptional flavours, great beaches and good weather made the city listed on the 5 best cities for a weekend trip – city break in a British magazine survey “Which”.

In Valencia, we had 3.5 days for sightseeing, but if you have been with us for some time now, you know that visiting monuments is not the most important thing for us. Of course, we want to see key locations in a visited place, but we always try to feel the vibes, absorb the atmosphere, observe and make contacts with people and eat a lot! Therefore, four days turned out to fly quickly. We think, however, that we have managed to maintain a good balance and thanks to that we can present you our Guide to Valencia, which will include 3 posts:

How to get there?

As mentioned above, budget airlines offer flight connections to this city. We managed to buy cheap Ryanair tickets shortly before departure. In advance, the cost would certainly be even lower. From the airport to the city centre, you can get by subway, which station is located next to the terminal. Two lines are available – 3 (red line) and 5 (yellow line). This is definitely the cheapest way, the cost is EUR 4.9, and takes about 20 minutes. We got off at the Xativa subway station located near the main train station Valencia Norte and from there, on foot, we walked to our apartment in a few minutes.

At this point, it is also worth writing something about moving around the city. Taxis in Valencia are quite expensive. Metro is not our favourite means of transport, we definitely prefer to walk around the cities. However, when you only have not even four days and the spots on the map are distant from each other, it becomes problematic. Fortunately, an electric scooter came to our rescue as it perfectly fits among the narrow streets of Valencia. is the first Polish network of electric scooters that has just begun conquering Europe. They are in Valencia and keep bringing their scooters to other European cities. Renting a scooter is super easy and quick, and driving around the city does not take away the pleasure of sightseeing as it happens in the case of a car. You can still smell the scents, hear the sounds and experience unique city vibes.

Where to sleep?

This is no surprise that we prefer apartments. They provide many options and are generally very well located. Usually, we use the Airbnb or

Squares in Valencia

There are so many squares in Valencia that you can get lost without proper preparation. Of course, there is nothing wrong in getting lost, this way you get to discover nooks and crannies hidden from the eyes of an average tourist. However, it would be regrettable not to find one of the most important squares. In our opinion, you must visit Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza del Virgen.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento is the most important square in the city because it is located near the town hall. Opposite the town hall is a beautiful post office building. The square is worth visiting both during the day and at night – at night, the town hall building is beautifully illuminated.

Plaza de la Reina is the most famous square in the city. It is near the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the eight-sided tower Miguelete. Once it was a mosque, and now combines elements of Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and neoclassical architecture. In its interior, you will find a Holy Grail from which Christ was to drink during the last supper. From the top of the Miguelete tower, you will be able to count the buildings in Valencia. To get there, you have to beat 207 steps and pay 2 EUR. In addition to the magnificent Cathedral, on the square, you will also find many other beautiful buildings, on the ground floor of which there are shops, cafes or restaurants. It’s a great feeling to sit here at sunset, drink sangria and eat real Spanish tapas!

Plaza de la Virgen is probably the most photogenic square in all of Valencia! There is a fountain showing Neptune surrounded by eight bare women, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, from the northern perspective and the Basilica of the Virgin Mary of the Abandoned (Virgen de los Desamparados). If you want to admire this place in silence and without crowds, we strongly encourage you to go here just after sunrise. It’s really an amazing experience to have this square only for yourself.

Plaza del Ayuntamiento:

Plaza de la Reina:

Plaza de la Virgen:

Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas

A magnificent rococo castle. Its beautifully decorated doors are breathtaking. Inside, there is a porcelain museum with a collection of up to 5,000 pieces!

El Carmen

It’s worth to start the sightseeing with Torres de Serranos. Twin towers in the Gothic-Valencian style once created an element of defensive city walls. The whole area of ​​El Carmen is great to feel the atmosphere of the Spanish way of life. You can find typical Spanish bars, restaurants with great cuisine and even several clubs here.

Mercado Central

It must be the most beautiful market we’ve ever seen in our lives. A magnificent building, tidiness, attention to details, such as the arrangement of products, colours, as well as fragrances… All elements form an unusual place. Here you can buy literally everything that is truly Spanish – olives, serrano ham, excellent cheeses, alcohol, sweets, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and many more. Everything is fresh and tasty. What’s more, you can also have a coffee (or beer if you prefer) and eat a tortilla or bocadillo in a cafe in the middle of Mercado. For us, this concept is absolutely unique. The market is opened from 8:00 to 14:30.

Turia Gardens

Valencia is located by the river Turia, which current ran through the city centre. This river, unfortunately, often poured out and the authorities decided to change its current and drain the river bed located in the centre. Once, the area was planned to be changed into a fast-moving road, but eventually, fortunately, it was transformed into Jardin del Turia. Such a large green area in the middle of the city is something wonderful. The smell of plants hovers in the air and allows to drift our thoughts completely elsewhere. In the gardens you will find, among others:

  • Bioparc
  • basketball courts, volleyball, football, etc.
  • playgrounds
  • skateparks
  • numerous green areas inhabited by various species of animals
  • alleys for cyclists and runners
  • giant Gulliver from the novel by Jonathan Swift

The City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences located in the southern part of the metropolis is an architectural gem. Futuristic glass buildings with white roofs and a canal of light turquoise water make an amazing impression. It is an educational and entertainment complex designed by the well-known Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The City of Arts and Sciences consists of:

  • Museum of Science Prince of Philip (El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe) – building resembling the dinosaur’s skeleton from outside, inside you can find a very interesting museum depicting new technologies
  • Palace of Art Queen Sophia (El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía) – here various performances and concerts take place
  • L’Umbracle – in addition to the car park for guests, there is also a lookout point, which is planted with various species of plants, including incredibly fragrant rosemary
  • Planetarium (L’Hemisfèric) – along with a cinema displaying films in an IMAX format
  • Oceanarium (L’Oceanogràfic) – a huge building of 13 ecosystems with 500 species of aquatic animals. It is the largest oceanarium in Europe. The cost of admission is EUR 29.7

Half a day might not be enough to experience the city fully. In addition to the above-mentioned facilities, you can also rent a boat and sail it in the turquoise water or try your skills in an inflatable ball!

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