Where to eat in Strasbourg?

Are you going to Strasbourg? You will definitely need some good and tested restaurants! The capital of Alsace is a great city to eat out. It is full of charming cafes and restaurants. You can easily try here Italian, Asian and of course French cuisine!

Here are the tasty restaurants in Strasbourg:

La Corde à Linge

La Corde à Linge is a restaurant located in the charming and very touristic area of La Petite France. Location is definitely a huge plus. It is very pleasant to sit under a huge plane tree by the canals and enjoy the view of charming buildings with a glass of local wine.

Another plus is the food. They serve different dishes, more and less French, e.g. traditional Alsatian pasta, snails, foie gras or… burgers! Salads though are an absolute hit. French salads are a completely different level of amazingness – they are huge, filling, with lots of toppings, good salads and delicious dressing.

€ Sample prices:


  • La Robe à Fleurs: fried goat cheese, almonds, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red beans and pear – 12.50 €
  • Le Bikini: Galia melon, smoked salmon, cucumber – 14.50 €
  • Le Caraco: homemade duck foie gras, smoked ham, figs, croutons – 14.00 €

Alsatian pasta:

  • Taffetas: Fried forest mushrooms with crème fraîche – 13.00 €
  • Flannelle: tomato sauce with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese – 11.50 €
  • Feutrine: cream, grilled bacon with onions and croutons – 11.50 €

Pur etc.

Pur etc. is a charming cafe in the old town ideal for vegetarians and vegans. The most popular are dishes in jars – ideal to eat on the spot or take with you to work or home. They put great emphasis on the quality of ingredients and their origin. In addition to dishes in jars, you can also order quiche, sandwiches and cakes, as well as homemade cookies. Easy, fast, tasty!

€ Sample prices: 

  • Vegetarian lasagne bolognese – 7.60 €
  • Greek salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and olives – 7.60 €
  • Lebanese tabbouleh with hummus, quinoa, lentils and marinated carrots – 7.60 €
  • Chicken curry with coconut milk, brown rice and zucchini – 9.60 €
  • Buddha bowl and balsamic sauce – 5.20 €
  • Brownie with organic chocolate and peanut butter – 3.10 €
  • Organic lemon and poppy seed cake – 3.10 €

Mito / Milano-Torino

Pizza always tastes good … And in Milano-Torino, in short Mito, you will eat a real Neapolitan pizza. Of course, you can order a delicious Margherita (10 €), but at Mito, you can also enjoy more interesting options, e.g. pizza with pumpkin sauce, mozzarella di bufala, ricotta and pistachios (17 €) or with carpaccio, mozzarella Fior di latte, rocket and Parmesan cheese (16 €). Starters, salads and desserts, as well as interesting drinks, are waiting for you! It’s a popular place, so it’s a good idea to reserve a table in advance.

Restaurant Matsumotoya

Matsumotoya is a Japanese restaurant that doesn’t serve sushi. Yes! You’ve read it right, you won’t eat sushi in Matsumotoya. What can you expect then? Gyoza dumplings, variations on tempura, udon soups and Japanese curry. It’s a very vibey place where you can choose to sit on the ground. Portions are large and food tasty. The only thing we can’t recommend is cod with rice. Let’s just assume it wasn’t good at all 😀

€ Sample prices:

  • Gyoza dumplings with vegetables or meat – 7.90 €
  • Vegetables in tempura – 10.90 €
  • Udon soup with shrimps – 12.50 €
  • Eggplant curry – 10.90 €


Umami is a tiny restaurant with only 16 seats and one Michelin star. It serves modern cuisine with a large influence from Asian cuisine and other flavours experienced by René Fieger and his wife Jessica during their culinary journeys. There are two tasting menus available – classic (65 €) and vegetarian (55 €) consisting of 5 dishes. Additionally, you can order 4 glasses of wine tailored to dishes for 35 €.

It is worth going to a restaurant recognized by Michelin because meal in such a place is a completely different experience. Each dish is an explosion of flavours and textures, and the restaurant has an atmosphere contributory to the experience. Don’t worry, you will be full as well as happy 🙂

Experience with us!

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