Chinkalnaja Szaszłyćnaja | Sankt Petersburg

Nevsky pr., 150, 191024, St. Petersburg

150 – 750 RU

Georgian restaurant

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One colder afternoon in St. Petersburg, coming back from sightseeing, we got caught up with rain. It was not the only one, because along with large drops, we also got unmercifully hungry. We desperately started to look for a place where we could take shelter, warm up and fill up our empty tummies.Eventually, we came to Chinkalnaja Szaszłyćnaja, right next to our St. Petersburg apartment. This spot turned out to be a Georgian restaurant, serving among others beloved by Przemek khinkali.

We expected a lot, unfortunately, this place did not meet our expectations. First of all, the waitress did not serve us the ordered warming tea, which we were really hoping for. Przemek ordered khinkali with mutton, and I, from the few veg options, managed to choose baked potatoes and eggplant swirls with walnut paste. While the khinkali came to us in a reasonable time and quite decent, I got only potatoes, which were very greasy and to be honest rather average in taste. Aubergine swirls reached the table when potatoes and khinkali were gone.

In our opinion, not very successful serving time. They were not uneatable but left some improvements to be done. In the end, we must say that in the sea of ​​great pubs and restaurants in St. Petersburg, Chinkalnaja Szaszłyćnaja is a place that we would avoid. We were not satisfied with either service or food. The decor also did not throw us on our knees. We do not recommend it.

Chinkalnaja Szaszłyćnaja
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Chinkalnaja Szaszłyćnaja

Unfortunately we can’t recommend this place.

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