About us:
We are a couple and best friends. We love to travel together, eat and create new projects. We perceive every trip as an adventure and we often break new ground. We always have loads of fun at it, which makes the content we create very entertaining. We love making videos, that’s why there are over 100 of them on our YouTube channel! We also got a bit crazy about Instagram and we regularly capture the most beautiful moments on the pictures.


I've met Sway the way in the summer of 2018, and our cooperation resulted in great videos from Valencia and Bucharest. We hope to set off to other cities in Europe in 2019. Julia and Przemek are great storytellers, they are open to ideas and they have 100 per minute of their own. They are constantly developing their skills, which has a huge impact on the quality of videos and results in beautiful photography as well.
Creative, hard-working, professional, with a huge sense of humour. Collaboration with Sway the Way always works perfectly. Videos and photos are instantly delivered and meet our expectations with a return.
Working with Sway the way is pure pleasure. Bloggers understand business needs and are able to address them professionally. The content they create is definitely entertaining and of high quality. I would highly recommend collaborating with them!

Possibilities of collaboration:

– promotion of travel direction (city / region) / press trips

– promotion of products and services helpful in travel

– events, opening new restaurants, hotels, SPA

– reviews of cosmetics, promotion of clothing brands

– reviews of applications and lifestyle services

Would you like to check how you can work with us? Feel free to send us an email with short info about your project. We will send you a pre-designed idea!

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