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Do you remember that we talked about saving up this year? Well, it didn’t go as we planned… For New Year’s Eve, we decided to go abroad.

Luckily we had an invitation to Malta! Our good friends have been living there for quite a while and for two years we’ve been trying to arrange a trip but due to high flight prices we were unable.

Surprisingly this year Ryanair significantly lowered the prices and we had no choice 😀 Because of the Christmas period and 27th being our departure date we had to improvise.

We organised Christmas Eve on 23th and on 26th we were already packing for the trip.

Malta did not welcome us warmly. When we landed it was dark, extremely windy and pouring with rain. We were tired and not impressed at all. ‘What are we doing here?’ – we thought. Our friends were skiing in the mountains and we were here..

We went to pick up our car and here also we were disappointed. Europcar employee used our tiredness and distraction and charged us with full tank option which turned out to be twice as expensive as tanking at the petrol station. Adding to that the fact that we didn’t even use half of it was unacceptable.

At the parking lot our car turned out to be much exploited, dirty and stinking of cigarettes. Shame on you Europcar!

This whole situation became funny when we realized that Malta has left-hand rule of the road. At first is was frightening.

Przemek is not a bad driver but the whole experience was quite nerve-wracking. The whole journey we felt like something was wrong, that we should be at the other side of the road and Przemek kept bumping into the curb. We were not expecting that!

All this and even more you’ll see soon in our vlog. And now look at our amazing balcony view! 🙂

Experience with us!

Brought to you by: Julia & Przemyslaw

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