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The first most adorable thing we found out about Malta was the whole naming of the houses. It’s quite often hard to find names of the streets but most of the buildings, on the other hand, have plates with the names put invisible spots.

We have lived in the house named after Joanna d’Arc. What is really interesting those names are actually used every day instead of numbers – for example for addressing.

For our first trip Julia chose good shopping spot. Obviously! We didn’t even manage to see the beach… But I decided to surrender this time and trust her choice.

Our destination was Ta’Quali Crafts Village close to Mdiny. This Crafts Village is full of shops with local handmade products.

Shops are located in barracks which do not look appealing but they offer honestly amazing products ranging from ceramics, local treats to stones and glass jewellery and home decor.

It’s important to add that products are well made and original. Prices, on the other hand, surprised us a bit. If we were to buy a set of handmade plates we should have spent more than 1000 EUR.

In that case, we decided on beautiful starfish.

From Crafts Village, we set off to Rabat and Mdina.

Google maps were going crazy so we kept driving around the city on gravel roads. Finally, we made it to Rabat, which essentially is the suburbs of Mdina. We found cute lunch place and ordered some food.

Mdina is surrounded by stone walls and rather popular among the tourists.

It’s an old town with many monuments and observation terrace with view on most of the island including Valletta (Maltese capital).

We found Mdina a perfect spot for slow and romantic walks!

Brought to you by: Julia & Przemyslaw

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