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Buskett Gardens

Can you imagine going for a walk among the orange trees in December? This is exactly what surrounded us on our way to Buskett Gardens in the west part of the island.

In front of the gate, we encountered the mobile coffee stand. Luckily we set off to explore the gardens with coffee in our hands!

It is not permitted to collect oranges from the trees. Obviously, we abided by their rules 😉

To be honest, there was plenty of fruits on the ground but though flavorful they were very sour so we didn’t manage to eat loads. On the other hand, the weather was amazing and we didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Dingli Cliffs

Thew km further you can walk on famous Dingli Cliffs.

The first thing we saw and was strucked by was a view of huge round dome. We couldn’t figure out what it was and bet on the meteorological station. It turned out to be a radar station from 1939. It was mainly used during II World War.

But back to the cliffs 🙂 They are beautiful, especially when the sun is setting and creating incredible colours in the sky!

See also our vlog from Buskett Gardens & Dingli Cliffs:

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