What to know before going to Morocco?

Morocco is a country that is gaining more and more popularity among tourists, among others thanks to cheap air transfers, low prices on the spot and … Instagram! No wonder, beautiful pictures from the Souks, desert, or architecturally exotic buildings attract more and more people.

Are you planning to buy tickets? Or maybe you already have them and need some practical advice before you go? We are here to help!

Cheap flights

You will get to Marrakech by direct flight from Cracov with Ryanair. If you follow the website, it is possible that you will be able to buy tickets for less than PLN 500 both ways. Ryanair flies in two days a week – Monday and Friday, which guarantees you flexibility in planning your trip.

You can also get to Morocco differently, eg by ferry from Spain. You can decide for example on a one-day trip to Rabat while visiting Andalusia.

We advise you, however, a longer stay to get used to this place and start absorbing the local vibes.

Transport from the airport

Our advice – let down taxis that park at the terminal. Safer (and cheaper!) will be if you order it via the portal Marrakech Airport Transfer or ask your hotel to arrange transport for you. More on this subject in the next post!

Winter break

A winter trip has several pluses. First of all, flight tickets and hotels are cheaper. Secondly, there are fewer tourists. Thirdly, you do not have to fight 40 degrees heat.

Weather in winter in Morocco will be very pleasant if you remember a few things. Although it is sunny and warm during the day, the nights are cool. During the day you can expect temperatures in the range from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, beautiful sun and blue sky. At night, the temperature drops sharply to around 0 degrees Celsius. It does not have to be problematic if you take the right clothes with you and remember that there is no heating in Morocco! The only warm air in the night will come from the air conditioner. We must admit that it practically does not do anything. The walls of the buildings are very thick and cold, and the windows and doors are leaky. With a slight breeze of warm air from the air conditioning, it is impossible for the room in Riad to warm up to an acceptable temperature.

If we were aware of that, we would certainly take with us winter socks, plush pyjamas and warm sweatshirts. During the day, though much warmer, wool sweaters, down jackets and scarfs will be useful.


The most popular hotels are Riads – traditional Moroccan houses with a garden or patio in the middle. Rooms in Riads are relatively cheap, and for the price, you can have a decent breakfast. There will be a patio for your access, sometimes a garden or swimming pool, and often a roof terrace where you can relax and sunbathe. We chose Riad Dar Alsaad, where the night cost about PLN 150. The rooms were decent and the breakfasts good. If it hasn’t been for lack of heating, the final impression would be much more positive.


The official language in Morocco is Arabic. In many places, however, eg in Marrakech, everyone will communicate with you in French. With English, it is much worse and sometimes it is easier to get along in sign language.


Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) are the official currency in Morocco. It is worth knowing that the Moroccan Dirham is not a convertible currency outside of Morocco. What’s more, this currency can’t be imported or exported in the amount exceeding MAD 2,000, or about EUR 200. More on this topic in the next post.


The great advantage of Morocco is the diversity of the landscape. The country has access to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. You can go on a trip to the Atlas Mountains or spend the night in the desert. The options are vast, and we encourage you to see as much as you can!

Experience with us!

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