Flight essentials | What to pack in you carry-on?

I must admit that perspective of flight to the US made me feel quite uncomfortable. 11 hours in an airplane cabin is not the best experience ever so it was good to be prepared.

It all depends on airlines. My flight from London to San Francisco was operated by United Airlines.

I was pleased with conditions onboard as well as with the service. Seats were comfy and they additionally provided me with pillow and blanket. Everyone got access to base with the newest movies and game package.

You couldn’t get bored as flight service kept walking around providing different drinks, snacks and dishes every 30 minutes.

My flight essentials:

For comfort:

  • Comfy clothes: I definitely advise you to wear something loose fitting – I personally chose my favorite track pants and T-shirt.
  • Socks: if you get cold easily wear warm socks.
  • Scarf: during some flights air conditioning tend to be extreme and it’s probable to get cold. Thin scarf doesn’t take a lot of space and can protect your throat well.
  • Outerwear: I suggest having some sort of hoodie or as in my case beloved jeans jacket. It will serve you well at the airport, in the plane when gets cold or after landing in destination.
  • Neck pillow: if you have one, take it!
  • Beauty:

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste: without them you are doomed.
  • Travel cosmetics set: face cream, roll-on deodorant and any other essentials.
  • Lip balm: cabin air sucks out any moisture so keep your lips hydrated.
  • Antibacterial wipes: you can use them on your face, hands or anywhere else.
  • Entertainment:

  • Headphones: you can listen to music, audiobooks or watch any film in private.
  • Laptop/tablet: ensure yourself access to favorite films and Tv series. You could also try to work, but it is not advised. ?
  • Phone and laptop chargers and power bank.
  • Camera: keep it on hand at all times; you never know what kind of view appears outside of your cabin window!
  • In my opinion comfort on long hours flight begins with packing all your essentials.

    And guys, be sure to remember about jet lag! Leaving from Lodz at 2 am I didn’t go to sleep at all. I felt real tiredness and in the air I slept about 4 hours. With all that when landing in California at 3 pm I was 100% ready for adventures and sightseeing?

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