What and where to eat in Vilniu​s? Lithuanian cuisine

What dishes do you have to try in Lithuania, especially during your stay in Vilnius? Here is the list of the most delicious and traditional Lithuanian dishes.

Lithuanian cuisine has been changing over the centuries, producing a unique palette of dishes, which was greatly influenced by the culture of neighbouring countries, as well as the cuisine of peoples living in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Ukrainian, Polish, Tatar, Belarusian and Jewish. Lithuanian cuisine is not light. The dishes are full of fat and filling and are often based on potatoes, flour and meat.

What to eat


Lihuanian cold soup

Lithuanian cold soup well known in Poland, in Lithuania it tastes even better. On hot summer days, it is perfect! This delicious Lithuanian soup is prepared from kefir, beetroot and dill, traditionally with the addition of boiled potatoes. Interestingly, in Vilnius restaurants, potatoes are more and more often served in a more interesting form, e.g. baked-on shashlik.

Soups in bread

Whether it is a mushroom or cabbage soup, bread soups are very tasty. They are full of flavour, thick and saturated with the aroma of dark Lithuanian bread with an intense, slightly sour taste.


In Lithuania, zeppelins are the real thing. These dumplings made of raw (or a mixture of raw and cooked) grated potatoes, stuffed with meat are delicious. They melt in your mouth and leave a sweet taste of meat and potatoes.


They are almost no different from our Polish dumplings. The only difference is the method of serving. Most often they are boiled in water and served with sour cream and bacon.


Kibins are a type of dumplings baked with a juicy filling traditionally made of chopped meat. However, you will get them also in a vegetarian version with mushrooms or spinach. Lithuanians are crazy about them, and they especially famous in Trakai.

Samogitian pancakes

Thick patties of boiled potatoes, usually stuffed with meat. They are soft and crunchy at the same time, and the stuffing melts in your mouth. Fatty, but delicious!

Potato pancakes

In Lithuania, potato pancakes are also a very traditional dish. Served either with sour cream and bacon or smoked salmon, they taste great.


What to eat for dessert? Šakotis – delicious and unique cake reminiscent of a Christmas tree. It is made mainly of eggs, hence its intense yellow colour. In restaurants, it is often served with seasonal fruits.


What about drinks? Lithuania is famous for Lithuanian kvass – a refreshing drink made from black rye bread, mead, tinctures made from honey or fruits, as well as beers. We recommend authentic mead for proper digestion.

Where to eat?

Did we make you hungry? Now we can recommend you where to eat!

12 Istoriju

If you want to eat breakfast in Vilnius, we recommend 12 Istoriju near the Gate of Dawn. We ate an avocado toast, an omelette and a fluffy croissant. They have delicious coffee and the prices are very decent. A huge plus for the location!

Sample prices:


  • Granola with fruit and yoghurt – 3.60 €
  • Oatmeal with caramelized banana and blueberries – 3.90 €
  • Omelette with goat cheese and spinach and tomatoes – 5.50 €
  • Croissant with butter and jam – 2.50 €

Diner dishes:

  • Cold Lithuanian soup – 4.20 €
  • Salad with grilled salmon – 7.90 €
  • Octopus with sun-dried tomatoes, coriander, sprouts, peppers and mini potatoes – 13.70 €
  • Beef burger – 8.80 €
  • Pasta with spinach and salmon – 7.70 €


We were delighted with the cuisine in the restaurant Grey. We ate delicious herring served in two ways, delicious and good prices.

Sample prices:

Lithuanin cuisine:

  • Cold soup – 4 €
  • Herrings in two versions: sweet and sour – 4.5 €
  • Zeppelins with pork and bacon-based sauce – 5.9 €
  • Potato pancakes with smoked salmon – 5.9 €
  • Pancakes with pork – 5.9 €
  • Šakotis – 3.5 €


  • Fried calamari rings – 5.9 €
  • Sweet potato fries with herb sauce – € 6.9
  • Beef burger – 8.9 €
  • Steak with potatoes in a blue cheese sauce and grilled vegetables – 23 €
  • Couscous with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, artichokes and herb sauce – 10.5 €

In Trakai, however, we recommend Senoji Kibininė and Kiubėtė.

Senoji Kibininė

In Senoji Kibininė you will eat kibins. This place is so popular that you might need to wait in the queue.

Sample prices:

  • Kibins with spinach – 1.7 €
  • Kibins with mushrooms – € 1.65
  • Kibins with mutton – 2,1 €
  • Sour cabbage soup in bread – 3.9 €
  • Broth – 1.2 €
  • Potato pancakes with meat – 4.1 €
  • Zeppelins – 4.1 €


On the other hand, in Kiubėtė, we, of course, ate kiubėtė, i.e. a round cake baked in the oven with various stuffing. We ordered with salmon and it was brilliant!

Sample prices:

  • Kiubėtė with salmon – 12.8 €
  • Kiubėtė with beef – 9.9 €
  • Broth with dumplings – 2.8 €

Experience with us!

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