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In the hotel that was found by Mrs Irina we were supposed to stay only for two nights. There were limited rooms left but the most important issue was that the prices were too high for us even with the discount they gave us on behalf of Mrs Irina. Our money was spent on booking in Alkionis hotel and so our budget was very limited. The similar case was with the car rental. We checked out two local rental services which were not terribly expensive but expensive enough for us at that moment.

We decided to move to a much cheaper hotel. Conditions were fine, same with location.

See our new hotel room in the vlog:

This way we were left with only car problem. We decided that renting the car for the whole week was too pricey for us so we would spend the first 4 days chilling in Nea Kalikratia and last 3 days spend travelling by rented car. The owners of both car rental services were a bit pushy from the beginning. They wanted us to rent a car for the whole week there suggesting that later on, it would be hard to find a vehicle for us. Przemek was sceptical and decided to wait and not pay in advance. Are you curious if we managed to rent a car? Make sure to follow our blog (you can sign in for the newsletter)! It was time to relax and experience both the local atmosphere and food – for the whole 4 days! Przemek, as usual, started to get bored just after 1 day so I had to make him busy. Naturally, after a couple of days, you get used to chill time and you can enjoy small things like vibes, the colours of the sunset and local cuisine. We walked around the town and picked out spots that caught our eyes.

The most interesting:

  • At Anthony’s: check out the review!
  • Tavern Dolphins: check out the review!
  • Ela Do Kollas: number one on Trip advisor. Spot located on the promenade very popular with tourists. Tasty and cozy but not the best in our opinion.
  • cafe and bakery in one, where you can buy all sorts of baked goods – from bread, through sweet and sour buns to cakes and homemade ice cream and delicious coffee (including exclusive in this area cappuccino). Perfect breakfast spot.

Aside from tasting all the different things we also kept ourselves busy sunbathing on the beach – Przemek was thrilled 😉 Beaches in Nea Kalikratia are sandy and the coast is mild. Behind the beach you see low cliffs on which town is build. Walking for about 10 minutes along the beach we were able to find secluded spot – perfect for us to chill and rest.

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