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Coming to a new place, we usually want to bring a souvenir home. Ideally, this is something locally produced and with the character of this particular location. Morocco is famous for its Souk – marketplaces, where you will buy literally everything. What to do not to get tricked into buying something not worth it? We present you our guide: What to buy in Morocco?

In the beginning, we want you to bargain! Always and everywhere! There are no prices displayed, and those told by sellers are often 100% higher than real ones. That is why bargaining is a must and true part of the Moroccan culture. They will not be offended if you haggle and you can buy something at a really good price. Souk can also be dangerous, so it’s worth sticking to a few rules. You will find them in our post about safety in Morocco.


Morocco is famous for its spices. You surely have seen pictures of colourful mounds of them, which circulate on the Internet. Many of the spices we buy in Poland are very often imported from this region of Africa, so it’s worth getting super fresh spices at low prices. The choice is huge, you can buy all kinds of pepper, ground paprika, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric and many more. You can also buy various blends, we especially recommend you a Moroccan blend that perfectly suits the tajine, but also gives other dishes a Moroccan flavour. Be sure to buy the spices that are poured from tightly closed containers so that they are fresh and intense.

Leather goods

You can buy leather goods at very attractive prices (provided that you remember to bargain). What’s more, you can get extremely interesting designs here. Intricately decorated leather bags, shoes (from sandals, through slip-ons to boots) or jackets in various cuts and colours. Pay attention to the quality of products and labels. It may happen that you will find a ‘made in China’ tag.

Ceramic products

The tajine dish is once. Plates are two. And various other ceramic products are three. They are all very exotic and beautiful. You can buy them in various sizes and colours. In our opinion, if you only can take them home, it is definitely worth it.

Metal accesories

We have to admit that we almost returned from Marrakech with a beautiful lamp. Moroccan handicraft is breathtaking, especially when it comes to home accessories. Metal lamps, trays, frames and iconic teapots for brewing intensely mint Moroccan tea will be a great addition to most interiors.

Wooden products

Did you know that until now, wooden elements of Rolls Royce interior are very often made from Moroccan thuya wood? It turns out that this wood not only works well as a dashboard component in these luxury cars but also in accessories and home furniture. You can buy beautiful wooden bowls, table tops or chess in the marketplaces!

Carpets, pillows

Woven carpets in the colours of the rainbow or charming pillows with colourful pompoms – such accessories are also very associated with North Africa. Carpets that you see here are unheard of, and the prices are quite attractive. Once again, remember to check their quality. Sometimes it’s enough to rub a bit to test whether the dye goes away, and the fibres start to come off.


If you are a fan of dates, you will feel like in paradise. They are delicious, plump, firm and sweet. The taste does not resemble those you buy in supermarkets. Prices vary depending on the class of dates, but even the cheaper ones are simply delicious!


In the Souk you will find a special olive section. A dozen or so stalls specialize only in them. You will get all the colours and sizes here, as well as olives seasoned differently. To our surprise, Moroccan olives do not resemble those of Italian, Greek or Spanish. They are original and truly tasty.

Now you know what to buy in Morocco. And what to avoid?

Let talk about argan oil. As we learned from our guide, argan trees are rare in Morocco, so it is impossible to produce on a large scale. Bottles with argan oil displayed on stalls are a scam. First of all, argan oil should not be stored in the sun, and certainly not in transparent bottles. Ladies, who present the process of oil pressing at the stands, are also a trick. They do the same all day and are tasked with attracting tourists. If you care about bringing this oil, buy it only in certified places. There are not many of them.

All in all, we wish you a successful trip and very successful shopping!

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