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Frankfurt am Main, as the name suggests, is a German city located on both sides of the River Main, at the foot of the Taunus mountains. Its central location makes it an important transport hub (with the second, in terms of the number of passengers, airport in Europe). In recent years, the city has taken over from London the title of Financial Capital of Europe.

It is also the headquarters of three large German banks and of the European Central Bank. This is the main reason why so many people come here … no, not for sightseeing but mainly foreigners for professional purposes. It turns out that Frankfurt has become a city in which Germans are currently a national minority (only 48.8 percent of the population).

And what about tourists? Frankfurt is not really a tourist city. During World War II, the city was destroyed in 70%, and the degree of destruction of an Old Town exceeded to 90%! Therefore there are not many monuments to visit here. However, if you happen to be here for professionally or when switching lines at the airport, you should know where to go and what to see. Here is the Complete Guide to Frankfurt am Main.

How to get here?

You can easily reach Frankfurt because its airport is the largest German airport and operates many lines. The airport is located very close to the city. You will easily get there by train to the Frankfurt (Main) Hauptwache station, located in the centre, next to the financial district. Of course, if you need it, you will also reach Frankfurt by train or by car.

Where to sleep?

Accommodations in Frankfurt are not the cheapest. You will find here a full selection of expensive hotels, but if such costs exceed your budget, we recommend using Airbnb. You can find very decent apartments near the financial district or, depending on your preferences, the Old Town. is also worth checking up.

Where to eat?

Due to the fact that Frankfurt has become a multinational city, you can try here practically all cuisines of the world. As I am a vegetarian, for the first evening I was looking for a place where you can eat vegan or vegetarian dishes without any problem. I came across the African Queen Restaurant, highly recommended for TripAdvisor. Check out the review.

The second evening was supposed to be very German. I wanted to try the traditional cuisine, so I was advised to go to Gaststätte Mainlust on the recommendation of a friend who is often in Frankfurt. Located on the other side of the River Main, the place was perfect for completing the adventure in Frankfurt. Read why you should go there!

It is worth going to the Kaiserstraße, where you will find various restaurants and pubs. In the close proximity to the station, the first street market with various street foods is located. The attention of meat gourmets should be paid to German sausages and … frankfurters. These sausages are very popular here. While strolling around the city, I found another very nice street market on Schillerstraße. You could buy almost everything here when it comes to food, but you would easily buy bread, fruits, honey, local cheese and meat products, as well as a kartoffelsuppe, sausages and pork knuckles. You also could drink lots of German beer!

What to see?

Although there are not many places to visit in Frankfurt, you will not get bored for a day or two.


Römerberg is a very charming, historic city centre. The name of this place comes from the town hall Römer. The characteristic facade with stepped gables is one of the few fragments remaining after the war. Currently, you can admire a completely restored building with the Imperial Hall. In the middle of the square there is a Fountain of Justice Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen, unfortunately, restored during my stay. From the south side of the Römerplatz, you can admire St. Nikolaikirche or St. Nicholas.

Eiserner Steg

Eiserner Steg – an iron bridge where colourful padlocks are locked by the lovers. From the bridge, you will have a great view of the financial district.

Cruising on the River Men is something that I would highly recommend to all of you. If only the weather is good, it is a great way to enjoy the panorama and architecture of the city, as well as to learn about its history (information is provided in English). The cruise can take 50 or 100 minutes, depending on the route. A 50-minute route up or down the river costs EUR 8.90 per adult, 100-minute round both ways costs EUR 12.80. You can buy the ticket on-site or online. On board, you can order something to drink and even food.

The financial district

The financial district also called The Small Manhattan. There are many ultra-modern and record-high skyscrapers in Frankfurt. The most famous of the skyscrapers is Main Tower, with 220 meters and 56 floors, you can get to the top for EUR 6.5 to admire the panorama of the city. You will also find here the Silver Tower or the Commerzbank Tower. One of the most beautiful is the headquarters of Deutsche Bank. In the financial district, you can also see the Euro Sign.

Goethe’s house

Goethe’s house. In the place where the poet’s family home stood on Großer Hirschgraben, there is now the Goethe House and Museum. Unfortunately, I visited Frankfurt when it was renovated and I could not see it from the outside. I decided not to enter, but for all the most important information I send you to the website. There you can find the description of the collections.

Alte Oper Frankfurt

Alte Oper Frankfurt is a beautiful building on the square near the financial district.


Shopping. If you want to go to the shopping part of the city, the direction will be Zeil street. You will find the most well-known stores, pubs and bars here.

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